Civil Litigation in Michigan

Civil Litigation

The Attorneys at Tull & Laubach have experience handing various Civil issues in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Lapeer, Gladwin and Charlevoix Counties. Tull & Laubach handles a great variety of civil litigation issues, including Disputes over contracts, insurance claims, or the sale or purchase of real property. When facing these issues client’s should meet with an attorney to determine how to best proceed and protect their interests.

Contract Disputes

When a person or business signs a contract and fails to fulfill their obligations, it is important to know your rights. Michigan contract law has a rich history of cases in Michigan as well as reliance on the “Uniform Commercial Code” or UCC. The attorneys at Tull & Laubach are able to advise clients on what their rights are when a person or business fails to fulfill their obligations under a contract. The attorneys at Tull & Laubach can also help a person or business who may be struggling to meet the requirements of a contract they’ve already signed. Any person in this situation should meet with an attorney and know their rights.

Disputes Regarding Insurance Claims

Michigan law requires it’s citizens to hold several different types of insurance: auto insurance; health insurance; and home insurance in the event of a mortgage. Unfortunately, insurance carries sometimes deny or partially deny claims. The attorneys of Tull & Laubach and experienced in negotiating with insurance carries. Any holder of an insurance policy who has had a claim denied should contact an attorney and determine what their rights they have according to Michigan law and their own insurance policy.

Disputes Regarding the Sale or Purchase of Property

It is common for the sale or purchase of a property to begin with a Land Contract or Purchase Agreement in Michigan. Unfortunately, buyers and sellers often back out of signed purchase agreements. Land Contract purchasers often fail to make their monthly payments or pay property taxes or home insurance. Because every piece of property is unique, Michigan Law affords the remedy of “specific performance” in some instances regarding property, which can force a seller to follow through on a sale they attempted to cancel. The attorneys of Tull & Laubach are experienced in enforcing a buyer or sellers rights under a purchase agreement or land contract. Whenever a buyer or seller wrongfully cancels the purchase or sale of property, the other party should contact a lawyer to determine what rights they have.

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