Criminal Defense Law in Michigan

Criminal Defense Law

Attorney Andre Laubach of Tull & Laubach has experience handing various Criminal Law matters in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, and Lapeer County. Defense law includes Probation Violations, Drug Possession Charges, Drinking and Driving Offenses, Traffic Tickets, and more. Anyone charged with a crime in Michigan has the right to an attorney, and no person should be forced to fight our criminal justice system without one.

Drinking and Driving Offenses

The State of Michigan has increasingly strict laws aimed at those charged with Drinking and Driving Offenses, including OUI, OUIL, OUID and OWI charges. Penalties can include imprisonment, fines, lost of license, alcohol and drug testing, and strict probation terms. Andre Laubach is able to advise clients on what their rights are when charged with one of these crimes and determine what their best defense and negotiation strategies are. A person charged with one of these crimes should contact Andre Laubach before ever stepping foot in Court.

Drug Possession Charges

Michigan has increasingly complex and confusing laws regarding the possession of drugs, especially marijuana. Attorney Andre Laubach is experienced in fighting against those charged with drug possession, drug manufacturing, drug paraphernalia, or the sale of drugs. A person charged with one of these crimes should contact Andre Laubach before ever stepping foot in Court.

Probation Violation, Probation Modification, and Expunging a Criminal Record

It is rare for a persons criminal sentence to be finished the day they walk out of the Courtroom. Usually they are placed on some form of probation, which often times can be extremely expensive and restricting. Attorney Andre Laubach can help a person who has violated the terms of their probation or wish to modify the terms to be more reasonable and fit their lifestyle. He can also advise a person on whether a criminal conviction can be removed from their record, and advocate to the Court on their behalf to have it removed. Any person whose life is restricted by probation terms or a criminal conviction should contact Andre Laubach to determine what can be done.

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