Probate, Estate & Trust Administration Attorneys

Probate & Estate Administration

The attorneys at TULL & LAUBACH assist family members and personal representatives (executors/executrixes/trustees) with the challenging process of probate and post death administration of Trusts. We have been practicing in probate courts in Macomb County, Oakland County and St. Clair County for over 40 years. Attorney Andre Laubach practice includes a special focus on post death Probate and trust administration – with an emphasis on decedent’s estates.

Experience and sensitivity

Our familiarity with the courts and court rules allows the attorneys at TULL & LAUBACH to provide efficient, knowledgeable probate, estate and trust administration services. TULL & LAUBACH’s experience in these matters often helps to keep costs associated with Probate and Trust administration, reasonable. Together with our staff members, we support family members and friends of the deceased immediately post death and, if necessary, during legal proceedings.

Our probate services

Doug and Andre represent our clients in a broad range of issues under the jurisdiction of the probate court. Services our firm provides related to probate and estate administration include:

  • Preparing and filing all required documents, inventories, accountings and reports with the probate court
  • Contacting interested parties and heirs
  • Preparing and filing federal estate tax returns (when necessary)
  • Dealing with claims against the estate
  • Representing the heir of a person who dies intestate (without a will)
  • Handling probate litigation and will contests
  • Review of Trusts and advising Trustees and beneficiaries of the duties and rights under the Trust document

Other probate and estate administration matters – Ancillary Administration

We are happy to serve out-of-state clients with issues to be decided in Michigan probate courts, sometimes known as ancillary administrations. Attorneys Tull and Laubach also provide related services, including counseling on avoiding probate and estate planning. When necessary, the attorneys at TULL & LAUBACH use a team approach and works with financial planners and other professionals to provide “complete” estate planning and probate services.

If you would like to speak with attorneys Douglas A. Tull or Andre Laubach about representation in probate and estate administration, estate planning, probate avoidance techniques, federal estate tax matters, or have any other questions, please call locally at 586-726-5742, or toll-free at 1-866-TULL-LAW (885-5529), or e-mail our firm. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Utica, Michigan, at the southwest corner of Hall Road (M-59) and Van Dyke Avenue. (Map and directions ) Evening or weekend hours are available by appointment. Home visits are available for the elderly and those with special needs. Credit cards accepted.